Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 23, 2013 - Košice


       Okay quite honestly I feel like I can not remember what happened this week. But conferences tend to do I'll give it my best shot!
     So the beginning of the week was really rainy and on our way to Family Home Evening (FHE), we got down poured on!! Of course I didn't bring my umbrella with me that day and I went to FHE soaking! (okay, I exaggerate. It wasn't that cardigan was soaked and the front of my skirt and my socks and shoes. Only about half of me.;) Mostly I just need to remember to take my gear with me and invest in a pair of boots. Honestly though it was really fun. Surprises are the best!

     Our investigators are great! This week we started teaching this really cool kid named P. His uncle is a member and referred him. Our first lesson with him was fantastic! He has already been to church a few times and told us he believes the church is true so...he has a baptismal date! Also this past week another investigator, PK, who has told us she knows the KM is true also accepted a baptismal date! I'm so excited for them! Of course there's is still a lot for them to learn, but the fact that they are trying, and reading, and searching speaks volumes.

     This week we had a singing display!! I absolutely adore singing displays! It was so wonderful. Being a missionary is just grand. For me, it's perfectly normal to sing hymns loudly on the namestie and stop people to talk about Jesus Christ.  It is the best thing ever.

     Conference was grand! First it was Brno District Conference (like stake conference).  [Stake conference is where many congregations gather together for a meeting.]   Brno District is all of Slovakia and part of the Czech Republic) and then we had specialized training (only for missionaries). Brno conference was so cool! First off b/c of all the members there. These members are just so beautiful and strong. The entire thing was in Czech (which was a little difficult....I don't understand Slovak too well and Czech even more so), even President McConkie's talk! My mission president is the coolest. And of course it is great to see all the missionaries.

    This conference I lived up to my new status as kitchen fairy.  I made 3 batches of brownies for conference. Originally I was making brownies for thank yous and bribes. The bribe brownies went to the APs. We missionaries have this awesome tradition of pamätniks (memory books) and I still had Elder Simcock's. I served with him last transfer but now he's in Prague and I had no way of getting him his I made brownies to bribe the APs. They actually probably would have taken it either way but I wanted to do something nice (involving food of course). This conference was also a little sad because Elder Bateman and Elder Johnson leave for home at the end of the transfer. Elder Bateman is one of our Zone Leaders. He's really cool and so much fun. He's a great missionary and role model. Elder Johnson is just amazing. He always figured out travel arrangements for everyone! Pretty much we're all going to get lost in Slovakia without him. ;) It's sad to see missionaries go but that's how life is.

      Okay Mom, just so you know it takes 8 hours to get to Brno. this time we first went to Bratislava by train (6 hrs) and the next morning took a bus to Brno (2 hrs). On these awesomely long rides we do lots. Sometimes we'll text/call people to set up appointments, write letters (if it's pday), read, write in journal, plan activities...whatever really. And of course chat with our fellow missionaries--especially with those who are not in our area. It's really wonderful to see how everyone is doing/growing. [pday=abbreviation for preparation day - this is the day she prepares for the rest of the week by doing her laundry, shopping, writing letters, etc.]
     I don't know if I've told you but ever Friday our district has group language study. We call it Ladovy Medved or Polar Bear. (I simply adore this's cute and super silly!) I've been told that we have this particular name because polar bears adapt quickly to new environments and we should be like polar bears and adapt quickly to Slovak! Last Friday I made an awesome Jeopardy game!  It was really fun plus I always learn a lot (of Slovak obviously) when I focus on something specific like that.
     Mom thanks for the card btws. We get mail at conferences and I just love your cards. Also thank you for the laughs from friends... A sure is a character!
      And Jac thanks for the pics. Can I just say good job! You all made the yard look gorgeous!
      Al-Elder Knapp says hi and I've mailed your should get it soon, I hope.
     Well that's everything for now, though I feel like I'm missing something...oh well. I love you all!
S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

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