Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 26, 2013 - Kosice

Hello, hello everyone!!

    I need to tell you all about M's baptism. (and of course send pics). Because we're just a baby branch and don't have a font, we have our baptisms in a pool at a hotel. (It's a super classy hotel too.)  
yes, we are all wearing slippers...
The service was great. I gave a talk on baptism and luckily for me the service was in English. Sister Jones and I sang Savior Redeemer of My Soul. Sister Jones sang soprano and I sang alto and played the piano....I'm so glad M was baptized but I'm a little sad he won't be staying in Kosice to help build the branch. On the other hand though, I'm sure he'll be a great help where ever. 

     So my week was pretty normal other than the baptism.  We had contacting exchanges this past week. Once a transfer, we have an exchange with the district leader, Elder Barber. It was my turn first and it's really cool to see other missionaries' contacting techniques. Plus it's great because Elder Barber is super nice and while we were contacting he pointed out that my language has improved a lot since last transfer! 
      One funny story about contacting: We contacted a man who started speaking to us in English (with a British accent, might I add). He said he was Czech and that he knew about us so of course we asked him what he knows and he said, "You're basically Christian with a huge emphasis on families." It was really cool that someone said something other than calling us a sect! The man didn't want to hear our message, in fact he was looking for a "good bar" and asked for our help. (we politely declined). He was really funny too and kept making comments about how he'd never seen such a tall person before (Elder Barber is well over 6 foot and it probably didn't help that my 5'2" self was standing next to him).

     This week we have a conference in Trencin and I'm super stoked!! I love seeing all the missionaries gathered-it's so powerful. Also I'm looking forward to it because I will finally meet Elder Knapp!! (President Knapp's son. He's a Czech missionary but now he's an AP so I'll actually get to see him!)  [Too fill the rest of you in - Whitney's sister attends college at Kansas State University and the CES (Church Education System) director is President Knapp - so now two of our girls knows Elder Knapp.]

     Also just so you all know, I celebrated my half birthday this past week! I'm now officially 19.5!

     I don't really anything else to say...I love you all and want to hear how everything is going.
     Also, (Mom & Dad) the scripture I was talking about in my letter is my mission scripture--it's Alma 29:8-9.
S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson

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