Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013 - Kosice

Good Morning!!

    Okay so this week I was on top of things and since some people won't stop commenting on my short emails (you know who you are...and I've already told you-I type soooo slow!), I actually wrote down a few notes so I know what to write!  [So true! Whitney use to pay/bribe her younger sister into typing her school papers--just don't tell her I told you that!]

     So first off, this last Monday we went on Kosice walk with the Millers and the Elders so I'm sending a bunch of pics home. We also climbed Alzbeta which was so great especially because we wore pants this time. :)  We also had FHE (Family Home Evening) at the Millers and Sis Jones a I taught a super awesome object lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On our way to FHE we actually ran into one of our investigators, which was such a blessing! He wasn't able to come to FHE but at least we were able to talk and set up w/him.

     Another funny thing that happened Monday involved Tesco! (Our grocery store). So we have a penny jar at home and it had like 8 euros in it so we decided to use them up by going through the self check out...We got about 3 euros in the machine before we were told we needed to leave because we were holding up the line. oops.. Such is life...we might try again in the near future

     Okay so on Tuesday Sis Jones wasn't feeling well and so she got a blessing from the Elders and Pres. van Dalen. It was really cool b/c they did it in SLOVAK!! I was trying to record for her but it was difficult. It was really beautiful though. And even if I couldn't understand everything, it was exactly what she needed to hear at that point.

     Afterward we went home (she didn't really feel up to tracting/contacting) and did a deep clean/ organization of our area book and made plans of how to contact people who haven't been contacted yet. (We have piles of numbers from last transfer...it's a bit overwhelming. But now we have a solid plan which has been working really well so far.) Then Sis Jones went to bed early and I made peanut butter fudge (Thank you so much for the recipe Mom!).

    The next morning was a bit different b/c Sis Jones was under orders to get a good rest and sleep in so I started my morning alone and trying my best to be quiet. (I'm not actually sure how successful I was...Sis Jones woke up about 1.5 hrs later. Not really sleeping in much). Then the rest of the day was normal.
 So here are a few answers to questions...We teach English every Wednesday night for 1 hour at the church building. We have three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced/conversational. Sis J a I teach advanced. We do have a regular crowd and for my class about 8 or so regulars. After we teach English, we always have a spiritual thought.


   So on to Thursday!! I loved Thursday b/c we made halušky!! It's a traditional potato type dish.

 You make a paste out of potatoes....

and use a special pan to make pasta pieces which you boil.

Then you add bryndza cheese, sour cream and bacon. I love it soooo velmi much!! Also when you have halusky you have to drink Kofola (the communist version of root beer)! Making  halušky is super fun but it takes strong wrists!!


So we also made a pear crisp b/c one of the elder's investigators gave us soooo much fresh fruit!

     Also on Thursday one of our investigators who we've been unable to meet with for a super long time because her mom is dying invited us over. It was wonderful to finally meet again. And we'll be able to serve her soon b/c she's doing some remodeling (and I know all about that. ;) ).

     Friday was super interesting...we had contacting exchanges w/elders so I got to go with Elder Ferrell. He is just magic at Slovak! Afterward while Sis Jones and I were riding the bus home it stopped like 4 stops before ours and everyone on the bus had to get off! There weren't enough people on the bus so the driver told us we had to wait for a trolley bus (which is cheaper)!   So standing at the bus stop I realized I made a huge mistake...I left our keys in the building!! Luckily for us I always have a spare set to our apartment but we were unable to retrieve our keys from the church until Sunday. But it was a good learning experience with no lasting consequences.

     So then Saturday was crazy busy but pretty normal except for the fact that I made bublanina and muffins. I have another Slovak recipe from Sister van Dalen!! I'm slowly building a recipe book. :) [If you haven't figured it out yet, Whitney loves to be in the kitchen - lucky for her, they are responsible for their own meals (unlike the missionaries in our ward where members sign up to feed them every evening).]

    And Sunday was so awesome! First church was interesting because Elder Barber forgot to tell us Sisters that we had the Sunday School lesson. We winged it and it was awesome. Also I got to translate a little bit for Sister Miller in Relief Society. Not much and not very well b/c I really only understand general ideas but it was fun and I really enjoyed it. It made me think really hard!! And after church we went and visited a girl who has been out of town the entire summer. She was so cool! We went to her house and she just asked us what we were going to teach her. Plus even though she knows English (she's an English teacher), she let us just speak in Slovak.Well that's mostly it.

     This week I've really been working on opening my mouth and it went pretty well...I've been trying to keep a great scripture in mind (Mosiah 7:12) which talks about speaking with boldness. I have no problem being bold in English but I chicken out sometimes cause my Slovak isn't as good. But I know my weakness and how to fix it. Plus the Lord is helping me turn my weaknesses into strengths so I suppose it's fine for now. Well I really must go but I love you all so much.
S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

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  1. Thanks for keeping the blog up to date. It's fun to read, and great thing to share with our children!