Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 17; Kosice

This weeks top comments from Whitney:

--Last week we were having floods and high winds and this week it's hot and humid. Just like Kansas!!

 --ZMIRZLINA!! (Ice cream!) I LOVE ICE CREAM! The ice cream here is sooo good! And they have the best flavors. A single scoop is 40 cents and so this past week we got ice cream a few times.

-- I'm really glad that we have mandatory exercise or else I'd get really fat from all the bread/chocolate/ice cream.

--So nothing too terribly scary has happened to me. Just one sorta weird thing. I was on a bus and I told myself I'd talk to whoever sat down across from me. I had my KM (Kniha Mormonova) and a pass along card all ready.  A roma guy sat down and I leaned forward. Then he pulled out a knife and whetstone and started sharpening it. I decided I didn't want to get shanked in Slovakia, so I read out of my KM.

--I don't really need anything unless you can send me some Braums milk!

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