Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New in Slovakia

June 10, 2013
Hey everyone!

     So my week has been crazy! The first couple days were normal. We contacted bunches and went about doing normal missionary stuff but then on Thursday it started getting crazy! We had to go to Brno for progressional training so on Thursday we caught a bus to the station. At our normal stop, I glanced down the bus to make sure this was our stop and saw my companions starting to stand up and make toward the doors (we were sitting at different parts of the bus). I hopped out and looked around for my comps but they were still in the bus which proceeded to drive away! Sestra Baird had been talking to someone and called Sestra Pysnakova over. So here I was at a stop in Slovakia without a companion...so I did what any good boy scout should and stayed put. Lucky for me, my comps like me so they came back for me. ;)

Now Sunday was really awesome b/c we (the missionaries) sang in church. And unlike last week, we had more members/investigators than missionaries! My investigator, Titusz came (Titusz is really cool. He's a really buff opera singer. He's met with missionaries before but never really committed. He has a bunch of really great questions though.).  In the evening we met with a wonderful couple who are very curious about the church. We are meeting with them again this week and hope they'll attend church too.

... The one thing that makes me sad is that I haven't had a good glass of milk since I left home. :(

S Laskou,   Sestra Whitney Johnson

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