Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 8, 2013-Košice

Hello Everyone!

This week went by so fast!! I just don't even know where the time went! Anyways here is my week and whatnot. So Monday July 1 our district climbed Alžbety. It's this big catholic cathedral and we climbed to the top of the tower and WOW! the view is amazing.
Okay so I have some AWESOME investigators. Last Sunday (June something or other) we met this really cool older gent named M. He actually stopped us to ask for directions and after speaking with him outside for a very long time, we invited him to our building so that we could give him a BOM in English. We gave him the BOM which he was very excited for, gave him a building tour and invited him to church. He was so excited while we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loves the last step "Endure to the End."  Then yesterday, he came and LOVED IT!! It was fast Sunday of course and he actually got up and bore a testimony. I'm told it was very beautiful and in line with the gospel (I didn't understand it...my language is still beginner level)....he said he wanted to be baptized!
Another investigator is building his faith so much! We hadn't met w/him for a long time b/c he was performing (he's an opera singer!). But he came to a lesson this past week full of questions, one of which being how he should read the BOM and what should he be getting out of it. It's great to see him realize that we are teaching him something that should be taken seriously. 
We also went tracting this past week (for the 2nd time) and its not much fun. At one point an entire first floor, only 3 or 4 people, were yelling at us (all at the same time). But it's okay b/c we actually met a lady (in a different apartment building) who wants us to return. So that was my week more or less. Now for some questions.

1. When did missionaries first arrive in Kosice?
A. (I found this out for you, Mom) In 2006 or so. 
2. How many sisters are in Slovakia?
A. There's 8 of us now but when my group is done with our 1st transfer (here in a couple of weeks) there will only be 6. 
3. How many are in my zone?
A. My zone is all of Slovakia minus Bratislava...I'm not really sure how many that actually is. 25 to 30 perhaps.
4. Are you doing most of the cooking or do you girls take turns?
A.  I cook. Mostly cause if I didn't, everyone would fend for themselves. Also I don't think I'd be fed properly if I didn't. Its relaxing and a stress reliever.
5. Do you know if the new mission president is going to contact you soon?  Does he speak the language?
A. We actually are meeting the mission president this week in Zilina. He's a former czech missionary and does speak czech. 

Well that's it for now...I love you all!! 
Lots of Love, Sestra Whitney Johnson <3

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