Thursday, July 11, 2013

June 24, 2013 Kosice

Dear Family and Friends,
 Hello! So to start off...Zone Conference in Brno! The train ride is 8 hours and it was long! My entire district rode together (Elders Simcock and Barber and Sister Barid and Pyšňáková). 4 hours or so into the trip, we were joined by two more elders, Elders Utley and Calderon. They are in Zilina. Conference was the next day and was really great! The AP had a cool presentation on "using the whole buffalo" or using the members, investigators, less actives and recent converts, and potentials to the maximize your productivity. Then, right after conference, we went to catch a train to Zilina. The weather was so hot and some of the windows wouldn't open! I'm surprised no one passed out from the heat. We spent the night in Zilina and then went home on Wed.
(Then a paragraph about her being sick -her companions had her sit at an open cafe while they did contacts in front of her -- she was sleeping during morning study time so she caught up during this time-- luckily she was able to receive a blessing and her illness only lasted for a day).
Mom and Al asked about the ice cream. I'm glad our family is so focused on the important things in life. ;)
A. The ice cream is wonderful. On the Namestie, there are ice cream shops EVERYWHERE! Normally I'll get 2 scoops. They have great flavors. My favs are Chocolate, Citron (which is Lemon), and Berry. I've also had coconut (not my fav.) and vanilla with chocolate shavings. The bread is also everywhere. In the store, in the bread section, they have bins of bread. Loafs, pastries, doughnuts. It's so yummy!!
S Laskou, Whitney

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