Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 1, 2013-Košice

A few highlights from Whitney's week...
Hello Everyone!!
      This week has been amazing!!! By far one of the best, so here it is...

Building tours...it's really cool with 3 of us. We got permission from the President to be out of sight while doing tours so my companions lead the investigator through the building while I play hymns on the piano in the Chapel. The church building is small...only the chapel, a sunday school room, relief society room and entrance/hall. My comps use the pictures on the wall to share a lesson...it's really powerful b/c the last room is the chapel and the spirit in the Kosice chapel is beautiful! The other great part of our building tours is that we get 2 commitments in and establish expectations before we sit down. It's super effective and sets the mood for the rest of the lesson. 
On Tuesday we also went to an opera. (Well part of one anyway).  One of our investigators (Titusz) is an opera singer and really wanted us to go. We weren't sure if that would be the most effective thing to do with our time or if we were allowed to go but we promised him we would try. We got permission to go during our dinner hour and so we got to Rigoletto (the fist half). The opera was in an old opera house and was sooo gorgeous!

Thursday, June 27 the zone leaders came from Zvolen (about one hour away by train). We had district lunch, district meeting, and (here's the good part) had a singing display!!! It was amazing!! So the 7 of us picked a spot on the Namestie and started singing hymns. There were always at least 2 people contacting and the rest of us would sing. I was a bit nervous...not about the singing, thats not really a big deal, but about the contacting. The ZLs were going to contact with Sestra Barid and I b/c we are new and I wasn't really looking forward to it. Sadly, my language skills are still poor (but getting better, I hope!). But the contacting was great! I was contacting with Elder Bateman and he was really nice/awesome about it. Normally I'd start contacts and he'd finish them or would bear my testimony about something whenever he told me what was going on in the contacts. I absolutely LOVE singing displays. Oh! another story from that day...I tried to contact a lady on a bus and as soon as I said "missionarka" she very adamantly said "Nie, Nie, Nie." I figured okay if you don't want to hear my message, the least I could do is practice my language but when I said "Môžem" (may I ) she started in with "Nie, Nie , Nie" again so that was my fun bus contacting experience of the week. It is really disappointing when they won't even give you a chance.

Friday, June 28, was also great! They were having a folkfest and I went and bought some super yummy gingerbread treats and two egg ornaments, which may have not been the best idea seeing as they are very fragile. I will  have to protect them for the the next 15 months!

Saturday June 29 was bitter sweet. It was President Irwins last day. We were over at the branch presidents house for lunch and President Irwin called us. He spoke to each of us and wished us well and encouraged us. I really love him! He is so amazing and cares a lot for each missionary in the mission. But I know President McConkie will be awesome! That night we sent the new Prez a text to say hello and welcome. We signed it "the Košice Sestry PBaJ." Also I really love eating at the van Dalens house. We get such good food there! Sis van Dalen made us fried cheese!! It was soo yummy! You take special cheese (the kind that won't get all melty in the oil) bread it, and fry it. Then you put tarter sauce on it and it tastes amazing!
Sunday, June 30 was beautiful. We had 2 investigators at church!! This past week we hit standards in everything! A first for us (and possibly our area). We taught triple the number of lessons than the previous week. It is truly a miracle.
Love, Sestra Whitney Sarah <3


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