Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday, April 22nd Email from Whitney

It's Allison again. Figured I should get a portion of Whitney's email from last week up here before she sends another one tomorrow. She's doing well, but she's requested that we give people her email and mailing address (HINT HINT: SHE WANTS YOU TO WRITE HER). :) 

The following is an experience that Whitney shared with us: 

"All righty then so this week was AMAZING!!! On Tuesday we had the best devo ever!! Guess who came? AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD!!!!!!!! Richard G. Scott came and spoke about pray and the Holy Ghost. He even gave us an apostolic blessing! It was so wonderful. I really love this place. Friday was a bit interesting. My comp and I had a learning experience. She was worried and fretting about what to teach our investigator and I was sure that we should teach the 1st Vision. We burned through 2 hours of comp study (on two different days) and finally settled on reviewing what we had just taught. She just wasn't listening to me or trusting me and didn't want to move forward because she felt like the Spirit wasn't guiding her. We had a pretty intense moment when I told her even if she feels like she isn't receiving any insight, she should trust her comp who feels confident and sure about my idea. During our lesson with Rado, he pretty much said he believes everything we taught last time. It was kind of awkward cause the next part (the 1st Vision) should have been taught. Afterward my comp was all like "I really should have listened" and I was just like "yup." ;)  I do think this strengthened our companionship."

Thanks for reading! Whit's contact info is: 

Sister Whitney Johnson
MTC Mailbox #232
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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