Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 1 - New to the MTC

It was a long 5 days before we heard from Whitney....our first news arrived April 1, 2013:

From snail mail...
  I'm safely at the MTC (Missionary Training Center--Whitney flew in a day earlier so she was assigned a temporary room and companion for the night).  The next morning, after breakfast, a powerpoint, and episodes of The District, we registered.  I have my room and name badge!  Ja som Sestra Johnson (I am Sister Johnson)!  I had no time to unpack but went straight to language class.  Brother Fish only speaks Slovak to us! 

And her first email to us!
  So, I'm a bit exhausted.  I haven't been sleeping well but the bookstore has some Melatonin - I might buy some.  I also haven't been eating much.  The food is pretty good just very heavy.  Getting my suitcases unloaded wasn't too bad but carrying them up the stairs was a chore.

  I'm not doing as well in Slovak as I'd like but I'm working hard.  (She has been in the MTC for a total of 5 days - what is she thinking!).

  I miss you all and I'll try to send pictures soon.  How's the blog coming?  (Well, actually Whitney, at the time of your letter, we still hadn't begun it...)  Anyways talk to you later.

Lots of Love,

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