Friday, April 12, 2013

April 8th Letter to Allison

I got a letter in the mail from Whitney today dated April 8th. I'd asked a lot of questions about the people in her mission and these are some of the things she told me...

Sestra Kane: My companion. She's 20 years old...[she] is fluent in French and has caught on the Slovak much better than I. I really am so glad she's my comp.

Sestra Baird: She's also 20 or 21 [and] from California and so very sweet. She is always going out of her way to help people or say thanks. She's really silly and makes great faces.

Sestra Krauel: She's the oldest - 24 years. She's compassionate and observant, always watching out for everyone. a linguistics major...we [had] a mini conversation in German the other day.

Starsi Calderon: He's around 21. He is Finnish! He's our district leader and a solo elder (which means he can be with his district w/o other elders as long as 2 or more of us are present). For time w/o the district, he has a companion from the Czech district, Starsi Pruden.

Starsi Pruden: He's not actually in our district but is around us so often that it seems like he's one of us. We love hanging out with the Czech missionaries! Pruden is really funny and has a similar sense of humor as I have.

Brat Fish: One of my teachers. He has a nice, calm, relaxing way of teaching. His sense of humor is similar to yours I'd say...just 10 times quieter! (I LOVE YOU ) I think he's my fav teacher - I don't feel as lost with him.

Brat Badily: He's the 2nd teacher we met. He's very energetic and active...The cool thing about him though is that he takes us on walks all the time to have a break from class.

Brat Carrier: I don't know much about him or his personality because for the past 2 weeks he's been our investigator "Jaro". He has a good sense of humor though because while we were still teaching him, we saw him in the halls. He quickly covered his face w/ his hands and ducked into a room. I think we may have scared him though because Friday was his first time teaching us and we had a laughing breakdown. We just couldn't regain our composure!

So that's everyone. I also spend a lot of time w/ the 10 other Czech people and others from our zone (the Polish, Bulgarians, Croatians, Slovenians). We eat together as a zone. So there you have it.

Lots of Love,
Whitney Sarah

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