Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 2 - settling in

Hey Mom (and family)
Sorry I didn't write a long letter last week...I was just a  bit overwhelmed.

My companions name is Sestra (Sister) Kane.  She is really amazing.  She knows so much about the gospel and is so fun to be around.  The other sisters in my district are Sestra Baird and Sestra Krauel.  We all share a room and spend practically every minute together.  The solo elder in our district is Starsi (pronounced Star-she) Caldaron.  He is Finnish and fluent in Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and English already!

My district is the first to leave the MTC with Slovak Book of Mormons!  (The Book of Mormon was just released on March 13, 2013 in this language).

(For those of you not familiar with the MTC schedule, here is how her day goes:)

 5:50  Wake up and go to sisters only work out
 6:30  Get ready for day
 7:00  Companion study and additional study 
 8:00  Breakfast
 8:30  Classroom Instruction
11:30  Personal study
12:35  Lunch
  1:20  Language Study
  2:20  Tall (language study on the computer)
  3:10  Gym
  4:00  Additional study
  5:35   Dinner
  6:35  Classroom
  9:30  Return to rooms, comp planning
 10:15 Quiet time
 10:30  Bed

So I pretty much do the same things everyday, though the order is sometimes mixed.

 So I know I told you I wasn't sleeping well. I'm doing better now, though I did wake up last night thinking I was home. I think the reason I'm sleeping better is because I received a blessing. It was wonderful--now I've been sleeping fine.

I love you all!

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