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October 7, 2013 - Košice

Hello all you lovely people!

    So this week was super grand and missionaries work always is! Sadly, I can't quite remember everything I wanted to I'm just slightly blonde and forgot my list of things to write about at home!! That's okay though...that's what companions are for. ;)

    First off, some of our investigators:
    P is progressing so well...his baptism is 2 weeks away and he's so excited. We talked about his baptismal program this week...who will give talks, who will pray, who will perform the actually ordinance. And it looks like I'll be giving another talk, this time in Slovak. I'm only a little more stressed now. ;) But honestly, it's cool because I always learn, especially when under pressure.

    PK had a few setbacks. Namely because she only meets with us once a week due to her work schedule and she didn't attend church yesterday. We have to push her baptismal date back. Something else that is preventing her baptism (and is not necessarily a bad thing) is that she wants to read the KM [Book of Mormon] all the way through before baptism. She is a wonderful sweet spirit and so patient with us and our Slovak (or lack thereof). I think she'll be ready soon...she just needs a nudge in the right direction.

     Another girl we've been teaching, V, is sooo awesome! She knows how the Spirit works with her and just really loves and understands what we've been teaching! She is so prepared but sadly will be leaving for a month!! It's so frustrating when prepared people leave for a long time!

      We've (Sis Jones and I) have been thinking that we have to drop K and H. They just aren't progressing and told us that they have no interest in reading the KM. Plus they always talk about  how "their faith/beliefs are different than our faith/beliefs." It's really sad...they are such a beautiful family and would benefit so much from the Gospel.

    Okay now our first district meeting with Starsi Guymon was excellent. He was very honest and point blank talked about the status of the branch...we aren't retaining converts and in fact dwindling in numbers. He has some excellent ideas for building the branch and of course for reactivation. One of our goals is to have 10 active members by the end of the transfer. One of the ways we are trying to reach that goal is by visiting everyone, every week who is inactive and willing to meet with us. I'm really excited to see how this will turn out and what results it will yield (I'm thinking the reactivation of many!).

     So a couple of really cool things our district is doing right now:
      Rodinna Historia (Family History)! We started a family history class which is super fun. The first day we had a big turn out but not as big as the next week. We showed how to start a family tree by using familysearch. [Check it out...this is a free site with millions of records of people from all over the world.]  It's really difficult sometimes...the vocab is brand new to us!  [Watch a short  video on why others are interested in family history.]

      Anglictina (English) we teach English every week. We have 3 different levels...Sis Jones and I teach the highest level. It's pretty cool...I just prefer not to teach. My English isn't that great
anyway! ;)  It's helpful though because we've meet a few people through it who have become investigators.

      Hudobny Vecer (Musical Night!). We are putting on a concert at the end of the month (Mom, that's why I needed the piano music). I'm really excited because other areas have performed a musical night and had great success. Plus I will never pass up an opportunity to sing. ;)  We plan on having the missionaries sing songs outlining the Restoration Lesson from Preach My Gospel, while someone narrates.  We also plan on having guest musicians, such as members or investigators. It will be grand!!

     And now a few fun/different things that happened to us this week....
    First a little background...the Kosice Marathon was this past week and it's the oldest marathon in Central Europe and the prized money is a hefty sum so there were many, many people here from all over. Sister Jones and I were on our way to lunch at the Millers and these two guys from West Africa passed us and one of them said, "Well Good Morning Ladies" and Sister Jones and I about died laughing. I love it when people wish me a good morning. ;)

   We were on our way to Sister Burdigova's and all the sudden the tram stopped. We were told we had to get off so people slowly got off and we stood just waiting for another tram. When a new one
came it was a little one car and already full but people started piling in and it was just smashed full of people. Naturally, Sis J and I waited for the next one.

     We had some cool visitors at church. Brad M. (he was a here missionary a few years ago) and his friend (who served in Norway) were backpacking through Europe!

      So I started reading Jesus the Christ and can I just say, that book is intense! It's so eye opening and just mind blowing. I really love how the Gospel just makes sense!

    Well all in all my week was great. I love you all and wish you a beautiful day! Now I'm going to go play at the ZOO!! :D 
S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

And, one more picture of their 
visit to a "really yummy chocolate place"!

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