Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28, 2013 - Košice

Hello Everyone!!

      So this week has flown by and once again I'm sitting here trying to think if anything happened. ;)  Don't worry though because I do have some news.

     So I've the most exciting news ever!!! WE'RE GETTING A NEW SISTER!!!! We weren't supposed to get new sisters until Sister Jones and Sister Belibi Minya leave (that's in like another 10 months) but a sister was slated to come earlier and we're all sooooo happy! This means we'll have a grand total of 7 Slovak Sisters!!!! YAY!!!! She'll be coming at the beginning of December!

     This week we have Zone Conference in Brno and our district is super excited because we'll be doing a musical number! We'll be singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" in Slovak (well, I'll be playing the piano) and we're hoping President McConkie will play his violin with us! I'm going to get someone to record it so you'll be able to enjoy it as well. ;)

     Our investigators have had some challenges this week...there's opposition in all things. P was going to be baptized but his mom has some concerns so she hasn't signed the permission form. It's so disappointing. He really wants to be baptized and said he'll just wait 1.5 yrs until he's old enough. We have a girl, D, in our branch who was in the same situation so we're going to ask her to share her story with him.  P is taking it very well and told us that this just means he'll know everything by the time he's old enough to be baptized. He's such a cool kid.

     We taught PK about the word of wisdom  this week and she asked if she were to be baptized if she had to follow it so of course we said yes. Then she said she would. We called her later in the week and she was struggling. She really likes coffee and said the first day she went without coffee was the worst day at work and she had a huge headache. But another sister told her about an experience she had when detoxing and said that's how she'd felt the first week of a detox but after that first week she felt great. So we're hoping she'll be strong and stick with it.

     Our district has been doing a lot together this past week. We did some singing displays to advertise for our Musical Night. It's a little unnerving because there's only 4 of us so that means 3 missionaries sing while the other one contacts and we rotate out after 2 or 3 songs. Once, a member came and contacted for us while we were singing. It was such a great help. Also we've been doing some group contacting for Family History Class (which is struggling a bit). We pick a spot/section of the Namestie and all split up and contact in that area (staying within sight and sound, of course ;)) for an hour or two. It's really cool as it gives an extra boost of confidence knowing you have the other companionship there as well. It's been really effective thus far...we've gotten lots of names and numbers.

     Well our district went on a diet. Starsi Guymon follows this diet and one day, we sisters were complaining about being fat (okay we know we're not but still it would be nice to be thinner) so Starsi Guymon suggested we all go on a diet. There are a few rules...
       1. No Sugars
       2. No Whites (this means no starches or milk)
       3. No Fruit
       4. Eat the same 3 meals
       5. Go crazy on cheat day (once a week you have a day where you can eat anything! Our is on monday b/c we never really take time to eat...we just eat bread or something on the go. It gives us more time.)
       6. You're not allowed to starve.
       7. Everytime you break the diet, you eat a beet. (Basically this wipes your system clean and thus counteracts the sugar/starch/fruit/dairy you just ate.)
       8. Once you hit your target weight you're done.
So I'm not particularly good at dieting and to say the least I've eaten a lot of beets. But they don't actually taste that bad and this week I promise to be good and actually follow the diet.

       So I've run out of time but I love you all and wish you a beautiful day!
      I love you!!

S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

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