Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 21, 2014 - the lost email....

Ahoj everyone!!
    So first off an apology-I'm sorry you didn't receive a letter last week. (Seriously I sent it before all those pics-I've got my priorities straight.) So here's that letter from last week...

Well this week was grand!! Though it's been just like a Kansas summer--hot and humid!! I've gotten sunburned a few times (and yes mom, I've been wearing sunscreen!!)  But in other news here's a few things that happened this week:
-District meeting was in MB (Mlada Boleslav) this past week! We tried tabling and it went okay...we didn't have a very populated area but still got a few numbers. -Awesome meeting/lunch with the Len's. They are so nice to us and try to help us out (which is hard seeing as they live in Jicin and have a small family). But at least now they have a better understanding of the situation in MB (they both serve in leadership positions in the branch). They are going to try to organize a branch activity in MB so members here may come and investigators to.
-Something not so fun happened this week...we got stuck in Bakov for a couple of hours!! We went to visit a less active member and missed our bus so we walked to the next town over and got all confused and missed that bus too! Finally we found a train to take home but it still took forever! 

-And today we had an awesome pday! Everyone came to us and we went to the Skoda muzeum  and then played sand volleyball in the park! It was amazing fun and I have great pics!

Now about our work this past week:
One point of frustration for us is that we get numbers, lots of numbers, but no one seems to want to meet with us. Most say they're too busy during the holiday so try in September. It's frustrating because they're such cool people and we want to teach!!  
We're trying to help a couple of investigators learn to develop faith in Christ so we watched
Finding Faith in Christ and this week we are going to talk about His role as our Savior.
We are meeting with another investigator tomorrow and will be teaching the Plan of Salvation.  And, another one who has been out of town for surgery was able to watch the Restoration film and enjoyed it.

Q: What have you been studying?  A: I'm reading General Conference October 2012 right now and I really love it! I'm also reading in the Book of Mormon (of course). I'm in the end of Helaman right now. It's interesting to see how things always repeat and in every group, there's always a few righteous who are willing to listen to the prophet and change. I also read occasionally in the Old Testament, which I love a lot. :D  I really admire the faith of those in the scriptures and how things are always black and white but not always easy. I think of potential when I read...the potential of those in the scriptures, the potential we have as we apply the teachings. Really we can do so much if only we rise up and fulfill our potential as sons and daughters of God.

I love you all and invite you, as missionaries often do, to live to your potential this week!! Share the Gospel and be a force for good in the world!

S laskou,
Sestra WhitneySarah Johnson <3

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