Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11, 2014-Bratislava!!!!

   So I'm super stoked to be back in Slovakia and a little sad to leave the Czech Republic.  Well this week went fast and I honestly don't remember most of it! But I'll do my best to give you the highlights. 

Monday: Our biking adventure, which you already know about...I'll send pics soon but I forgot my camera today! :( 

 Tuesday: Our last district meeting! It was in Jicin and was really good. I love my Czech district! We tabled together and then I made Halusky for everyone and afterward we had district meeting which was one of the best of the transfer. We talked about the goals we made at the beginning of the transfer and how well we did. We also talked about baptism and setting expectations. 

Wednesday-Friday: I don't actually remember..... I honestly have no clue nor do I have my planner on me to check...we met with N (our new investigator) and we worked hard-it's the last week and we wanted the area in good shape for the coming transfer. 

Saturday: We got our transfer calls! Both of my comps are training (Smith in MB and Steglich in Brno). We also visited a lot of less actives so we were busy.
Sunday: The missionaries who were leaving were asked to bear their testimonies.  After church we got pics with people and ate lunch with the elders and then Sister Steglich got on a bus to Brno (she's blinding in and training there) and Sister Smith and I went home to MB, visited a few people and I packed.  

 Today: Well, I traveled to Bratislava. It was an adventure and a half. We had to take a bus to Praha and then find the bus station (took us forever and we were dragging my heavy luggage) then the bus I was going to take was full so we had to find another. The bus I actually took was really nice and roomy though so it was fine. But that bus was delayed so I arrived late (1.5 hrs later than I had originally planned). But I'm here in Bratislava safe and sound. I'm with Sister Wilson this transfer and in my district are the ZLs (Elders Ringger and Garlick), and Elder Christensen (who's my district leader) and Sharp. It's my old district minus Sister Baird!! They closed an area here and moved a set of elders to Trencin to fill the hole left by the sisters.

 A few questions and answers:
Q. What language do you teach L in? 
A. Slovak and Czech. I speak Slovak while the others speak Czech. He understands Czech just fine (as most Slovaks do) but the sisters didn't always understand Slovak. 
Q. Will you have the opportunity to go back for his baptism? 
A. Quite possibly. Prezident allows us to return to former areas for baptisms but we just move our pday to that day so we don't lose work time.
Q. How many lessons did you teach this past week?  
A. Lots! We made standards (21 lessons) so we were pretty busy but still had time to contact and whatnot.

I just love missionary work! The lifestyle's crazy and the opportunities are amazing! I'm so blessed to serve with and around the missionaries I do. We have such great examples here-awesome missionaries and members. I hope you all have a enthusiastic week! Go and live up to your potential! Be a missionary! To quote Sister Smith: "Rise up!! Rise up!!"  I love you all and hope your week is grand!

S Laskou,
Sestra WhitneySarah Johnson <3

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