Monday, August 25, 2014



  1. Sister Whitney, I found you online through googling for sister missionaries in Bratislava. I love you're blog, I love missionary blogs. :) I am a convert, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from Virginia. The only reason I know about these kind of blogs is because I've helped missionaries with teaching many families and helping with baptisms before.

    My coworker in the preschool that I work at is from Bratislava. I've spoken to her many times about my faith and my life, she's very sweet and kind and is wonderful with children. She teaches art to 3yr olds and to 6yr olds, she makes creative activities for them and they love her so much. Well this week we started school again and she confided in me telling me about her mom in Bratislava, her mom had surgery two months ago and is now unable to walk, she's bed ridden and becoming very depressed. It made me so sad to see my coworker this way (her name is Mikaela) , even though she's still lively and happy around kids, she's very worried about her mom, because her relatives hardly ever visit her and nobody comes to cheer her up.

    Today we had a long conversation about religion and the elderly. I mentioned to her maybe I can find some missionaries near Bratislava to come sing to her mom. She then started to tell me stories about her dad who passed away who befriended many elders and even read the Book of Mormon, he was good friends with those elders who even helped him with gardening. Once Mikaela came to visit her dad with her American husband who didn't speak Slovak and they met her dads elder friends and amazingly one of them had gone to the same school as her American husband! it was an amazing coincidence, they had a great time meeting those elders. Mikaelas family is catholic but not interested in reading the Book of Mormon as her dad was.

    But I was thinking that maybe you or you might know if there are any missionaries, elders or sisters or missionary couples that could go visit Mikaelas mom who is bed ridden and mostly is alone at home unable to walk. :(

    Mikaela gave me permission to contact missionaries or members near Bratislava to come and visit her mom, and perhaps sing to her, read to her, show her a video about Jesus maybe, or just accompany her, pray with her, maybe even paint her nails or brush her hair, since she likes to look and feel pretty. She's 73 yrs old and used to be very energetic. She hasn't been outside nor seen nature in months, anything simple would cheer her up. :)

    This is Mikaela Herndon's mom name and address:
    Mrs. Eva Hegerova

    Lysakova 18
    841 02 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic

    (011) 421 2 64 369 210

    My name is Jhoane Garcia from Annandale, Virginia, my email is

  2. Thank you Jhoane for your great example and service. I will pass this information on to the mission home.