Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Zilina


Hello Everyone!!

      Well the week went by so fast as did this transfer! This is the last week before transfers  and I can't believe it's here already. We're only getting one new Slovak (a sister to replace Sister Barney. Sister Wilson is her name. Thanks (you know who)!!)

       The Concert was awesome and possibly better than the one we did in Trencin. And I'm really happy with the solos (even if I messed up a few times). My favorites were I Stand All Amazed and Families Can Be Together Forever. Elder Brousseau played his guitar on both and created amazing arrangements. The first one I soloed a verse and then Sister Kane joined me on alto. It was beautiful! and the 2nd is just super upbeat and fun. I'll send you recordings soon.   

   This week we also had exchanges with the sister training leaders. Sister Baird went to UH with Sister G and Sister B came to Zilina for a day. We did a singing display which was sort of hard because Sister B wasn't used to singing in Slovak.

       Our investigators are doing pretty well too! They are so wonderful! We had an amazing lesson with one sister this past week. We talked about baptism and she said she'll be baptized!! We don't have a specific date... We taught an overview of the Plan of Salvation and she really desires to return to Heavenly Father and wanted to know what she had to do in order to live with God again. It was perfect! She's so amazing-she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, she loves the Book of Mormon, and she really wants to know more.

     We saw another family only once this week. We stopped by her apartment another day but she and her girls were out. Another family member chatted with us for a while and said we could return in a couple hours but we didn't have the time.

     We also visited some of our members who live outside of Zilina (so much fun-I LOVE TRAINS!!). We always meet really cool people while traveling and this time we met 3 young men (originally I wrote boys but they were all probably 20ish). They were so nice and really interested in the church and our missions. We started teaching them but reached our stop shortly after. They actually are in the Trencin area so we gave them Trencin's number and hopefully they'll call.

    I taught Sunday School yesterday and it was super fun! We're doing marriage and family classes right now and my lesson was "Children are an heritage of the Lord." It was great cause I just taught everyone like I would my primary class... Simplicity is a wonderful thing! Especially when you don't speak the language very well!

     So thank you for all the pics! Rayna is so big and adorable! AND JAC!! YOUR HAIR IS SO SHORT! :O BUT BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS! ;) Be safe and be happy!!
S Laskou,
Sestra WhitneySarahJohnson <3

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