Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Zilina


     First off, conference was grand! The branch watches it together with lunch in between and it was great. There was an English room (for the Wrightsons, and us missionaries) but we sit with our investigators when they come which is why I watched this years conference in English, Slovak and Czech. (We didn't have all the sessions in Slovak thus Czech. It was harder to understand but I understood the general idea). I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Holland's. We're going to watch the sessions again (plus Priesthood!) during lunches probably.

    Mom: to (sorta) answer a question: Our district is boss awesome. We all sing different voice parts  so singing displays are wonderful. Plus we're all rather enthusiastic and fun. We have high goals for the branch and for our areas. I really enjoy Elder Garlick's district meetings-very inspiring and exactly what we need. He puts lots of thought into how to help and always gives wonderful advice.

Our investigators...
M: We had a wonderful lesson with her last night. She asks very insightful questions (like can the Holy Ghost really give warnings of danger and how do those warnings come?). This week we're focusing on fellow-shipping so she can build relationships with branch members. The Young Women are going to help us make quiet kits for her daughter. If you have any suggestions for the quiet kits, they'd be much appreciated.
We visited another investigator on Saturday (the first time that week!). She's been really busy with work but luckily her job has been more stable. We are going to start teaching Plan of Salvation soon. We've already taught an overview but now we're going more in-depth. 
M'o: This is a young man we met last week. I may have told you already but right now on the namestie is a piano. We met him and started teaching him because of that piano. He's really cool and is curious. He also is completely against the Book of Mormon (mostly because he read lots of anti-Mormon information online) but he's willing to meet and talk which is an excellent first step.

P: We met with another young man who has known the missionaries for a long time. He loves the Bible and wants to find a religion that is completely in harmony with it's teachings.  He does recognize he feels good while with us and enjoys our meetings. He also is super busy and hard to set up with.

J: He is a referral from P. We called P to schedule a meeting and he said he could maybe fit us in after a lunch date if his friend didn't mind coming. So P brought J to a meeting and J had lots of questions so now we're teaching J.

    Something cool: our ZLs started sending miracles texts. Every time an area sees/experiences a miracle, we text the entire zone. And it's the most uplifting thing ever to see how closely the Lord works with His missionaries. So here's a miracle* we had yesterday: While contacting we met this beautiful family (with  many children! That's super unique here.) We started chatting with them (oddly enough about English). We teach free English and offered them classes (along with a spiritual thought). They accepted and we have our first meeting tomorrow. They are just what the branch needs!

     Well that's more or less it for today. I love you all and hope your week is beautiful and full of miracles!

S Laskou,
Sestra WhitneySarah Johnson<3

*Enjoy this video on the greatest miracle of them all.

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