Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Zilina


Ahoj Everyone!!

This past week was miracle week!! It was amazing and I have some excellent stories for you all! ;) 
So Monday was busy, busy, busy as every pday is. I got a haircut which looks awesome, might I add. I knew my hair was super long but I didn't quite realize how long! They cut off 4-ish inches and I still have a crazy amount! We also made burritos at the Wrightsons (the senior couple) and with Na. It was the first time idea--months and months, since I've had Mexican food.

Tuesday was fun, we had a singing display. Sadly I was too optimistic about the weather. It's been hovering between winter and spring here and so I've stopped wearing my fat coat. And sometimes I don't wear a coat at all!  But Tuesday was chilly and I didn't have my coat with me and I was freezing the entire time.

Wednesday was a little stressful. We've been trying to get permission to do other types of finding/displays. We went to City Hall with one of our members to get permission to do a chalk drawing on the namestie but they won't let us draw directly on the cobblestone. We can draw on paper but of course it will cost. I'll let you know what we decide...

So Thursday was our miracle day...We had a meeting on plan with a young man who didn't want to give his number which means there's the possibility he'd skip the lesson but he came! And it was an awesome lesson! We've met with him twice now and have a lesson on plan today. He knows the Bible very well and asks great questions. Plus we'll be teaching with Sister Se and she's just awesome! Really members are the greatest! Lessons are always better when we have a member present.

 After that we went trakting...we rang a zvonček (which I don't think I've explained the apartment buildings have buzzers on the outside which are called zvončeks and we have to ring and deliver a message through the intercom that catches their attention so they'll let us in for we can teach them).   I started in with a message, "We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we talk to people about how we can strengthen our faith in Christ through scriptures" (or something like that). The man on the intercom replied, "okay come in" and buzzed us in. Sister Baird and I were more than a little shocked. I've never been let in that quickly and often times as soon as we get to their door, they are all like, ohhh missionaries...we don't have an interest. We get to the man's door and he invites us in and Sister Baird and I are all like, "thanks but sorry we have this rule that we can't be alone with a man." And he says, "no problem. I have a daughter"  and this adorable girl pops out from around the corner! We go in and talk to them and they are an awesome family!.... They are both super musical! We sang I am a Child of God with them and they sight read the song!  They are our little miracle family!

So then the next day (Friday) was exciting as well but less...rewarding. We'd gotten a call from a young man who said he wanted to meet and get help finding direction in his life so we set up a meeting and he said he was bringing a few friends. We thought they might be prank callers but everyone deserve a chance to hear the gospel....they were late so we called and they said they would be there in 10 minutes. 15 minutes later I called them and they were all laughing but said they wanted to meet. Because they were wasting our time (which really isn't our time at all--it's the Lord's), I was a bit firm (which is really hard to do in Slovak). They met us....and we tried to talk to them about their expectations and needs and share our message. They said a few things...and didn't even try to mask the fact they were lying.  Two who were pretending to be German didn't say much, even though one of them answered his phone in Slovak once. The meeting ended abruptly when I invited S who was in the other room (he served a mission in Germany) to join our conversation. The boys quickly got up and out the door. It was amusing but also a little sad because they don't what they just threw away and they were wasting time which we could have used to find those who are prepared and want to hear our message.

I think that's everything. This week was fun and amazing! We are looking forward to an amazing week! We have lots on plan and lots to accomplish. I love you all so very much!!

S Laskou,
Sestra WhitneySarahJohnson<3

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  1. Hi! I'm Sestra Baird's mom and I loved reading your blog! Somehow we didn't get Elisabeth's usual letter this week, so it was great to see her mission from her companion's point of View. Thank you for being a great companion to her!
    Love, Ruth Baird