Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 5, 2013 - Kosice

Hello Everyone!
     I'm in Kosice and it is just grand! My companion is Sister Jones. She is from Wales and came out a transfer before me. Our district is probably the youngest in the mission (well maybe not. Bratislava is pretty young too). There's me (on my second transfer), Sister Jones (on her 3rd transfer), and a new missionary (I actually haven't met him yet, but he's coming this week), and Elder Barber (He's been out a while more than a year) and Elder Fredrickson (I'm not sure how long he's been out. More than 4 transfers I think though). I have a great comp and a great district.

      Well this week was hard. The weather is ridiculously hot and humid. I feel like I'm in a Kansas summer. And we've had a few set backs with the work. We had three people on date for baptism and now we have zero. One of them is sooo close and has progressed so much. He only needs to make a leap of faith. Also we've had a few people drop meetings with us. It's really sad to have something that will make people happy and bring so many blessings and they just aren't willing to read the Book of Mormon or even pray about it. All they have to do is reach out and grab it and we'll be there to help them along but sadly they won't put in the effort. On the plus side, we taught a beautiful family in their home on Wednesday. We contacted them on eternal families and at our meeting the first thing H (the father) asked was if we would reference the scripture about what is bound on Earth can be bound in Heaven. They accepted a Book of Mormon and agreed to meet again. Plus they fed us some yummy lemon cake. (And K (his wife) said she'd give me the recipe!)

       The language is still a struggle.....

       I am just so blessed and grateful to be here though....I know I'm where the Lord wants me for the time being and even though it's difficult sometimes He's on my side and He will help me.

       Well that's all for now I suppose. Send me news from home, keep my blog/FB page updated, and BE HAPPY!! I love you all bunches!
Love, Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

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