Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 12, 2013 - Kosice

Hello everyone!

     Well this week was a little dull, a little crazy, and a little exciting. It started off like any other week and quite frankly seemed to be going downhill. Its crazy hot here which is a bit of a problem for us. Our members we normally teach with took a couple of days to go to the caves and we just couldn't get anyone to set up with us! Which means we had lots of contacting on plan. It's not a bad thing but we were out in the hottest part of the day, normally between 1 to 6. And I've been told the weather got up to 36 degrees (in Celsius of course! but I have no idea how hot that is in Fahrenheit.).

     Sestra Jones and I have been feeling like we've been in a rut. We aren't getting many meetings set up nor getting many numbers during contacting.  We know Kosice has LOTS of potential so we were slightly (okay maybe more than slightly) discouraged. Also we have a lot of less actives and were a little baffled at how to really work to bring them back. (As a little bit of backgound we normally contact on the namestie or town square. We've been trying to find "Kingdom Builders" while contacting or those who can support and lift the branch because they are all ready stable in their lives.) President had called us about something and while talking with him we'd made a comment about our thoughts on the less actives and he told us he had some ideas for us and to call him the next day. So of course we followed our mission president's instructions and called him the next day. He said he'd been having similar thoughts on how to find Kingdom Builders and use our time/energy most effectively when trying to contact less actives. He gave us so much wonderful advice and helps. Then he asked us to be his guinea pigs... Traditionally missionaries have studies from 8 in the morning till lunchtime or so. This means our work out and about starts around lunch and goes until 7 or so. If we have meetings, they are normally scheduled after 4, so our contacting blocks are between the hours of 1 and 4 (more or less). President pointed out that the people we want to contact, those who are financially stable with families are normally at work during this time. So we received permission to contact at a different time...early morning. On Friday, August 9, we contacted early in the morning. It was a little weird to be on the namestie that early but the people we met were amazing! Nearly everyone we met told us they were hurrying to work but we were able to get a few numbers. The type of people we met were different. For instance, one woman we met was on her way to work but pause to speak with us. When we asked her what was important to her, she answered "my child." We are finding the people we want-Kingdom builders. We tried again this morning and again have had success. One thing we noticed this morning, is right around 9 there is a huge influx of people due to the fact that most of the shops open at 9. It's great to try to streamline our operations and make the work flow more smoothly. Plus as a bonus, during the hottest part of the day, we are inside doing our studies. Also if we meet someone one their way to work, we can set up a meeting with them after work and we as missionaries will have time to plan a lesson for that person. I really enjoy this creativity and thinking outside the box.

      So another piece of interesting news...Mom, you're finally getting your moneys worth out of piano lessons. For the last 2 Sundays, I've played in church. I do enjoy playing the piano but my hands always get super shaky after I'm done, which makes taking the sacrament a little hard. I'm the only missionary who's "fluent" in piano so it looks like I'm a permanent pianist this transfer.

      Also we got a new missionary!! His name is Elder Ferrell. He is sooo good at the language (he might be better than me quite frankly) and really cool too. He arrived a week behind his group b/c he broke his foot playing basketball. But he's here now and I just want to say my district is the very best!!

      I have more to say but sadly have run out of time. Mom, sorry I didn't get your questions answered from last week. Also I have pics but no time to load them. :(  Furthermore I'm super jelly you all were in Wyoming! But, I'm in I think I win. ;)
Love,  Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

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