Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 2, 2014 - Zilina


Together during 1st transfer in Slovakia with trainer.
   So I'm still in my beautiful city of Zilina!! And my new comp is....SISTER BAIRD!! I'm super stoked, we were trained together and now we're together again!! It's going to be awesome and even though I'll miss Sister Krauel bunches, Zilina really needs Sister Barid. She acts with such love and is just an amazing missionary! Elder Clark stayed here and Elder Garlick came from Nitra.
   Anyway this past week was a little crazy. It flew by and we accomplished lots. We've been planning some activities to do in this new transfer. In February, we'll have a giant FHE [Family Home Evening**] with all of Zilina (or at least that's the plan) and then in March we'll have a "Meet the Mormons." We've started planning, prepping, and advertising for it. Now that transfers have happened we'll fill everyone in and get to work!
   I love transfer because it's a new take on everything. Sometimes it's hard when missionaries leave or when things change but it okay because it's life. Honestly, it's sort of Heavenly Father's plan...this is progression!  We have the ability right now to start over with a clean slate, to improve ourselves, and more importantly, improve the area! This transfer is going to be wonderful and I'm really excited to see how everything plays out. It's crazy to think of how short 9 weeks is. I always feel like it's such a long time but in reality the weeks fly. This is one reason we're admonished to serve with all our heart, might, mind, and soul. I often think of the phrase "complacency kills". If we grow lazy or lax in our labor, we'll will not reach our potential as missionaries nor will we help those we've been sent here to help. I love beginnings, sometimes they're bittersweet but they always help us to grow and learn. I'm glad to be starting this new transfer here in Zilina with a new companion, a new district. We've been given so much information and advice in the previous trainings and now the only thing to do is to go and work. We raise our vision, we grow in faith, and we serve. It's a wonderful part of our Father's plan...we continue to improve. We continue to give all of our efforts. It's cool how this knowledge is so simple and so easy really but it's something that will never grow old or boring. It will just always exist and we'll always be able to grow. 
     A few good things from this past week:
  We have a new investigator.  His name is P'o and he's 17. We've only met with him once but we have a meeting again tomorrow and he's already read in the Book Of Mormon some! 
     Sister Krauel and I celebrated the transfer by having halusky twice this week. And even better it was home made! We may have made way too much and almost ate ourselves sick. But it was so worth it. It was delicious! 

More news this week...I don't have Tibor anymore. I have a guitar now. Sooooo here's what happened, Elder Hammond decided he didn't want his anymore and it's a beautiful instrument (made here and everything) so I sold Tibor to another missionary and bought Elder Hammond's guitar. It's different than the ukulele but not too terribly hard.  

    I'm sure I'll have great things to tell you next week so until then I love you!!
S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson<3
**Family Home Evening: Follow this  link  to learn how to hold your own family home evening.  This site has many resources to help you draw closer to your family.

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