Monday, January 20, 2014

January 13, 2014 - Zilina

Hello Everyone!!

      So this week was crazy busy and fun!

Tuesday: We traveled to Trencin to practice for our upcoming concert. It's about 1.5 hrs by train. We first had a singing display and then went to their building to practice. It's going to be a great concert...there are some really talented people singing/performing! Also President McConkie was in Trencin doing interviews! I love being interviewed. President McConkie is an amazing person and he gives the best advice and help. I'm just in awe of the amazing, spiritual people I meet here. That trip pretty much took all day but it was the best.

Wednesday: We clipboarded for English and spent forever at city hall (we were trying to find service opportunities and they finally told us the person we would need to talk to wasn't in). Then we taught K, practiced for our concert with some of the members and ate dinner with a member, Zu. She's really cool and one of the Slovak translators (they all live in Zilina). We went to Habibi, an Arabic restaurant (Zu's favorite place). It was sooo yummy!  [Sister Johnson is referring to those members who helped translate the Book of Mormon to Slovak-these young people from Eastern Europe share  what they have learned from reading the Book of Mormon.]

Thursday: We returned to city hall, only to be told that in order to do service, certain guidelines need to be met and they don't give service out to individuals. We also taught English class and had more people than we normally do because a few people came back! They stopped coming because english was on the same day as salsa classes but now salsa is over! Yay for us!

Friday: Probably why my week was the day started normal-we did studies, visited a member but in the evening before Polar Bear (our district language study) I was injured!! Elder Hammond was making himself some herbal tea and was pouring out the extra (boiling) hot water and he accidentally dumped it on my hand! It hurt soo much (almost like when the grill lit me on fire ;)). I felt bad for Elder Hammond because he felt so bad about the incident. It was fine though cause Sister Krauel had burn cream at home. Then the next day Elder Hammond gave me a chocolate bar wrapped in gauze and wrote "get well soon" on it! I'm fine and the next day it was completely normal so all's well that ends well. 

Saturday: We went tracting and it was super great! Actually it's super duper hard but it's fun trying to improve. You only have a short time to catch someones attention. I'm not super great at it but I'm doing better I think, after all practice makes perfect!

Sunday: A normal Sunday more or less. And we ate over at the Wrightsons! It's wonderful to have a senior couple in town, kinda like having a set of grandparents in town!

Today: So we went on a hike to a castle!! We went with Pet'ka, Natalia, the Wrightsons and the elders. It was fun and I have some boss pics! [enjoy the pictures at end of this post]
So have to go-- I love you all lots!!

S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

Lietavsky Hrad 

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