Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9, 2013 - Zilina

Hello Everyone!!

     So did I really not tell you who I was with?...well, that's awkward! :P  That's okay though! I'm with Sestra Krauel. We get along so well and she's just awesome! Well so I have at least two things to tell you about this week...
     First off this past week Mikulas came! Tradition here is that on the night of December 5th, Mikulas comes and leaves oranges and chocolates in shoes (of good children). So Sister Krauel and I played Mikulas and left oranges and kinder eggs in the pockets of Elder & Sister Wrightson's and the Elder's jackets. It was really fun! 
     Right now there are Christmas markets in the Namestie. (We're going to look at them today...) Some of it's really cool but more than half of it seems to be alcohol booths which is awful because there are a bunch of drunk men. Sometimes it causes problems because Sister Krauel is a pretty  redhead. This week a couple of men tried to touch her hair...   [Sister J and her mom love the Christmas season - follow this link  for a short video reminding us of what is truly important.]
     I've had a really good week...Church was cool and the area/branch feels like home already. I like  working with Sister Krauel...she's a lot like me in personality and in behavior (but not in age! One of our jokes...I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest sister in the mission and she's the oldest). We have so much to do here but we have a plan!! 
     I'm sorry this is an awful email. I don't have much time nor much to say.  I'll write a really long message  next week!  
Well pretty much I love my mission, I love my area and I love you!!
S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson

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