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December 16, 2013 - Zilina

Hello Everyone!! 
      So yes, I know my letter last week was awful! Jaclyn, thank you for being the only one who didn't comment about it ;). I'm sorry and here's a super good letter to make you all super happy! :D

        I had an excellent week! I really love this city! So first off, the branch! The branch here is bigger than in Kosice. We have about 10 active members (half of which are the Se Family...They're so great! They have 6 kids, though two of them are away for school. There are 6 missionaries here-us, the elders, and the Wrightsons (Starsi Wrightson is serving as Branch President right now).

Silly faces for the ugly hat contest
 We had the branch Christmas party on Saturday. It was super fun. Us missionaries put on a short program with musical numbers and what christmas means to us (with only of week of preparation might I add). Starsi Hammond played his gutair and I had Tibor. We all sang (all six of us) and I did a few (terrifying) solos. Lucky for us though the branch from Banska Bystrica joined us, so their Senior couple (the Nyes) also sang with us. Then we played White Elephant, had an ugly hat contest and ate lots of food! 
      We went to the Chirstmas Markets this past week (and we're going again today)! There are some really cool things there and the food is sooo yummy! I'm also really glad we have someone in our district who was here last Christmas (Starsi Hammond) so we know which drinks are alcoholic! But we had Detsky Punč (children's punch) and it tasted like wassail...just not as strong.

        I absolutly adore Sister Krauel and we do great things together. We get along and balance each other well. Sister Krauel is crazy organized which means we make plans and accomplish our plans. We had a wonderful conversation with President McConkie about our area. We've decided we know what we need to do (or rather who we need to find) to grow the branch here. We are searching for a pair who are settled here and are raising or will raise a family, who are solid kingdom builders! We've been doing lots of clipboarding, planning Christmas concerts and visits, and building good realationships with members! We're having a great time! Plus CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! YAY!! Another reason I love Sister Krauel is because we are the same...everything. We are the same size so we occasionally share clothes. We are the same in humor, so pretty much we think we're the funniest people here. And we're the same in VISION! We have a vision for Zilina and we know we can accomplish all sorts of things here because we are the Lord's Missionaries! :)

       So now to talk about some other things, such as the Slovak Language! I'm improving (I think and hope). I still don't understand a lot but I'm working on my language levels and feel like I'm progressing. The disappointing times are when I feel I've said it right and whomever I'm talking to doesn't understand and I don't know how to say it differently or better. The cool thing is Sister Krauel and I are both working on our levels and we're pretty much at the same level (she's better than me but denies it).

    I suppose in closing, eat some yummy christmas treats from me [Sister J sent some home to us!], blast the carols and remember: I love you all and wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! [follow the Merry Christmas link to see a beautiful video on The Nativity]

S Laskou,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson <3

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