Friday, November 22, 2013

A request...

Dear family and friends,

We would like to inundate Whitney with Christmas cards....please join with us (we know she will love hearing from you!). 

Please list her name AFTER the name of the church – if her name is first, the card/letter may not get to her.

Církev  Ježiše Krista
Sister Whitney Johnson
Badeního 1
Prague 6  160  00
Czech Republic-Europe

*If mailing from the United States, a Global stamp ($1.10) is preferred but you can use 3 regular postal stamps -  in the open area on the envelope, to the side of the address write AIRMAIL.
**Please send as soon as possible (it takes two weeks to arrive at the address and about another  two weeks to be delivered to her).
***This address is good ONLY for letters – packages require a different address.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. I served my mission in Slovakia and got home just over a year ago. I am living in Ukraine right now and I am going to Slovakia! Can't wait to see sisters in Kosice (still can't believe they are there!