Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 6, 2014-Mlada Boleslav

Hello, hello everyone!!

This past week was pretty amazing...found and taught some awesome folks!
Okay so the note worthy things that happened this week:
Monday we had an awesome lesson with a lady named L.  She's really cool and classy--so open and friendly!  We had a great, slightly scattered lesson but she wanted to meet again. Our next meeting went well and she had kept her commitment (trying to pray at home). She's wonderful and we have another lesson tomorrow (plan of salvation!! yay!) So I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday we had district meeting here in Boleslav. That was really fun especially because we had a singing display! Our district spans 3 cities so we rotate hosting district meeting (which really just means we pick what sort of district finding we want to do and where we'll go for lunch). Sometimes it's a bummer having our district so far away...we only find as a district once a week and we never see each other!

The rest of the week we did normal missionary stuff...found people, taught them, baptized them (okay we didn't baptize anyone this week but the Liberec elders did :D).

On Saturday we had a branch bbq...in a city outside of Jicin so it was about an hour from us. We worked out travel arrangements with the elders but somehow things got mixed up. The elders were going to give us a ride home but first they had to take a less active and her family to Jicin and then come back for us (so it's a 40 drive round trip!). We really couldn't impose at the bbq any longer so we started walking back. It was wonderful fun. We walked through the prettiest forest and sang hymns.  When we hit the main road, the elders were on their way.

Something else awesome from Saturday: I got my Czech tag!! Yay!! I'm a Czech missionary now!

Sunday was also great! (Though I did get asked to play the piano again...I'm running out of hymns I can play!)  It was sister Steglich's bday so we celebrated after church. Elder Burton (our former AP) came with his family and so we invited them to eat with us. It was really fun and it was great to see Elder Burton one last time before he went home. He's an excellent elders--he's really nice and so helpful.

Today we went on a district vylet! We had a blast but it was crazy...we took a bus to Jicin and then a train to Tronsky. Hiked up this huge hill...well mountain really ;). Only to get to the top to find...the castle is closed on Monday! The elders had received some bad information but the hike and experience was fun! I'm so tired (mainly cause I'm out of shape) but I really enjoyed it.

 I loved your miracle!! (editor's note: We went to a family reunion which was about 950 miles away from our home.  Upon our return trip, we began to experience car troubles.We were still in the mountains.....we prayed for the car to operate so we could arrive home safely--we had a daughter who had to be back home the next morning so it was very important for us to meet our deadline.  Heavenly Father answered our prayers and we made it home.) Thank you for sharing. I have such a huge testimony that God really answers our prayers!

 I miss you bunches and love you lots!! I hope you have a great week and remember to be good member missionaries!

s laskou,
Sestra WhitneySarah Johnson<3

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