Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 - You'll never guess. Not in a million years

I  bet you're all dying to know where I ended up.  And quite frankly any guesses you had are wrong.  (I mean that in a loving way). So you know how Prezident is really...creative with transfers? Well he was really creative once again or maybe better said, Heavenly Father was really creative with transfers. I'm now serving in a three-some!! Crazy, right? And it gets better!!!  I'm in Mlada Boleslav!! Which happens to be in the Czech Republic!!  I'm with Sister Steglich (from my MTC group) and Sister Smith (she's 4 transfers younger than us in the mission). Mlada Boleslav is about 40 minutes from Praha by bus. My mind is blown right now.  I'm excited but it was really hard leaving Slovakia. Prezident told me it's only for a transfer so he wants me to continue studying and speaking Slovak.  Czech is sorta hard to understand. 
(Editor's note: There is much prayer that goes into missionary transfers.  In an email to her family, Sister Johnson said President McConkie prayed and prayed - he doesn't know why she has been called to Czech Republic but that this is where she is to be for this transfer.)
Well anyways that's's what the rest of my week was like: 
Sister Baird and I were working really hard to the point of skipping meals and exhaustion and then the miracles come. We met people who have real interest by contacting the extra minute. We've had amazing lessons and see our investigators progressing. And we've seen how closely Heavenly Father handles His work. I really have a testimony of the little things we do daily which help the work progress. I just wish and hope everyone can catch that vision. If only people could really understand what God wants for them and everyone really and then ACTED!! That's the key to happiness  and full life. Well I'll keep you posted.  This coming transfer will be interesting. A completely new change. 

Sorry this letter is short. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say next week! 

Lots of Love,
Sestra Whitney Sarah Johnson<3

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