Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Zilina

Ahoj!! So this week was pretty grand. Monday we went shopping with A (the youngest Se girl-she's 11). She had a recipe for friendship bread and gave us a starter. She was sooo excited about it and it was really fun to go shopping with her-she has a big personality and is such a sweet girl!

We're prepping for a koncert again...this time about the Family! It's next week and I'm really excited for it. We have some beautiful songs picked including the one from Mother's Day. (Editor's note: We skyped with Sister Johnson on Mother's Day and she and her companion graced us with a beautiful song).

We had cool miracles this week! First off while contacting before meeting up with the district for lunch, we contacted one last person (isn't that how the stories always go?) and he is sooo prepared!! His name is B and he's been searching for direction in his life. He told us he's been so confused by all the different churches and he wants to follow God and do what is right but he's not sure what that actually means. We had an amazing first lesson with him and told him about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and about recognizing the Holy Ghost. The only problem is that he's very busy and getting ready to move to Germany for work! But he wanted to know how to contact missionaries in Germany so that's a good sign! B was really impressed by Sister Baird and I. He kept saying that he didn't believe such pure, good people existed in todays world and we give him hope and faith in a better tomorrow! And that is such a testimony of what the gift of the Holy Ghost does and living worthy lives.

Another miracle we saw this week was the number of people at church! Two of our investigators came, neither of which we were expecting! We'd had a quite serious and direct lesson with one of them  about effort and true desires to know if our message about Joseph Smith and one true church was truly of God. It must have finally made sense because he came to church and really enjoyed it. Another one, who investigates on and off, came as well even though he was sick. I think it's because he realizes he feels better and less stressed during his week when he comes and he can cope with the ups and downs of life better.

We had some amazing lessons with another person this week. She really understands church now and also what baptism really means.
This coming week will be's conference time yet again! Also Sister Baird and I have big plans for the last 3 weeks of the transfer.
Well to sum it up, this week was great. We had a bunch of miracles, the little ones happen everyday! I love serving here and it's awesome to be a missionary. So until next week, I love you all and wish you a beautiful week!

S Laskou, 
Sestra WhitneySarah Johnson <3

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  1. Hi Sister Johnson's family. This is Elisabeth Baird's mom, Ruth. We have a copy of their song they sang for mother's Day if you'd like a copy. it's on our facebook page. My fb page is under Ruth Baird. Thanks for letting me see these posts and photos!